InfinityPad Introduces New IDO Process With the Goal To Protect INFP Community: Infinity Investor Protection

As you all know that market condition and market players have changed significantly during the last few months. InfinityPad being one of the most community-oriented launchpads, we have tried our best to find good projects and connect our community with them through IDOs. We scan a project through various lenses, such as regulatory, legal, financial, technology, and business acumen etc.

Despite our exhaustive IDO selection process and hours, if not days, of hard work by INFP team, we as INFP community were hit by some projects that failed to deliver what they had promised. The reasons of this could range from delayed launch, ineffective marketing of product, to unethical token distribution, and unfavorable conditions beyond a project’s control.

This resulted in negative sentiment towards our platform. While the sentiment is completely understandable, we also need to be cautious and find a balance between growth and performance.

Everything evolves with time and we think it’s time for INFP to put checks and balances in place to ensure that we keep growing while our community’s investments are also protected from money-grab projects. The INFP team has been observing, researching and formulating the new IDO process since late Mar’22. We also researched on other launchpads to see what they did, how that impacted and we applied those lessons learned in our new IDO process.

It is the responsibility of the InfinityPad team to be fair a new project while putting our community’s interest FIRST and at top priority.

InfinityPad community is the reason that the INFP team spends a lot of time in finding projects for IDOs and we want our community to benefit from that work, not a project capturing all the value created by us. Today, InfinityPad is pleased to introduce a set of new rules that will protect against poor performance of a project post IDO. Below are the set of rules that EVERY project must follow in order to have an IDO on InfinityPad:

- InfinityPad won’t accept projects with very high valuations (FDV) or where multiples between the seed and the public rounds are more than 3x. This is to ensure that long term value created by a project is captured by the public not VCs.

- Projects will be required to send 100% of the tokens, at least 3 days in before its listing/launch.

- The time gap between an IDO date and listing date must not exceed 3 weeks.

- Every project will undergo a security audit on their token contract to ensure that there are no hidden surprises such as taxes, proxies and no blacklisting/honeypot functions. All projects must declare such functions beforehand.

- InfinityPad will require a minimum amount of liquidity pool (same as IMC as min)) and locked for at least 12 months. In case a project would choose to not respect this rule, In case, this is not followed, then InfinityPad team will refund 100% its community and the project will be slapped with a 10% penalty.

- InfinityPad requires any given project’s token to stay above its IDO price for the first two vesting periods. If the price falls 30% below IDO price and stays at that level for a week, then InfinityPad will refund the community on the amount remaining. Projects with a linear release schedule will have this rule for 3 months.

- We had some incidents where our community received tokens later than the other launchpads and that caused a significant loss to our investors. To enforce this, InfinityPad will manually verify token distribution by a project to ensure same-time token distribution to all launchpads, IF this is not found true then InfinityPad will impose a significant financial penalty or full refund or partial refund of all future distributions.

- InfinityPad will send the funds raised from an IDO or private deals only according to the vesting schedule. InfinityPad will no longer release 100% funds at a project’s listing.

- InfinityPad will reserve the right to do a full or partial refund at any time due to malicious or bad practices and crucial technical issues that cause the community concern or that result in severe price drops, whether it’s pre-launch, at launch, or after certain distributions but prior to full distribution.

The aim of all of the above terms is to filter out the malicious projects whose only focus is on fundraising not delivering a high potential project. Any project the InfinityPad team agreed am IDO with and have launched prior to this date is not subject to all these new rules, but are still monitored. As always, the InfinityPad team appreciate all the support from our strong InfinityPad community and we’re here for the long run with a clear goal of finding and launching high-potential projects on our platform.

About InfinityPad

InfinityPad is world’s first deflationary launchpad that is Chain-agnostic, Decentralized and Community-Owned. It is the next level launchpad to help raise capital across multiple blockchains on a single platform in a fully transparent and decentralized way by connecting projects and communities

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InfinityPad is a next level launchpad to help raise capital across multiple blockchains on a single platform in a fully transparent and decentralized way