Infinitypad ($INFP) Presale & Public Sale Announcements

3 min readOct 11, 2021


Dear $INFP community, we would like to thank you again for all for your incessant support and trust. We have had incredible success in our oversubscribed private round, and have received overwhelming levels of support from both individual investors and the broader community at large.

Last week, we successfully conducted $INFP private sale and successfully raised 200 BNB. While it was a great success, we got over 200 messages from people (whitelisted and non-whitelisted) who were unable to participate in the private sale due to time differences. We completely understand that but for InfinityPad, it’s not possible to offer $INFP token at the private sale price after we had concluded the sale.

So, after internal discussion and still keeping in mind our vision to build a community-owned platform, today, we proudly announce another important milestone towards the much-anticipated InfinityPad public sale!

We have decided to conduct public sale with two options with the goal that it would help us:

  • Keep our private sale investors base same and protect their investments
  • Provide another opportunity to everyone who applied for private sale round but couldn’t participate

Details about Presale and Public Sale:

Option 1 (Presale)

When: Oct 18, 16:00 UTC

Where: InfinityPad platform

Supply: Up to 6,200,000 tokens

Price: $0.013 per token

$INFP Per BNB: 31,000

Softcap: 100 BNB

Hardcap: 200 BNB

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Vesting: 50% on launch and 25% monthly linear release

Participation method: First 30 minutes ONLY to whitelisted participants, after that open to everyone

How To Get whitelisted: InfinityPad will run a gleam campaign to capture interest in a formal way from our potential investors.

*InfinityPad reserve the right to make changes to the above information and terms.

Option 2 (Public Sale)

When: Oct 20, 16:00 UTC

Where: InfinityPad platform

Supply: Up to 16,020,000 tokens

Price: $0.015 per token

$INFP Per BNB: 26,700

Softcap: 300 BNB

Hardcap: 600 BNB

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Lock: 100% unlocked at launch automatically

Participation method: Open to public, no whitelisting required

$INFP plays a crucial part in our ecosystem by being the utility and governance token that powers the InfinityPad platform and will also reward users of the platform in many ways as described in our whitepaper and in previous blog posts. You can check out more information about $INFP token here: InfinityPad Token Metrics.

We are very proud to share that our contracts are already audited with highest safety scores. Please have a detailed look here on the auditor’s website or directly here. The contract audits were done by InterFi Network, a renowned Canada-based company conducting smart contract audits and compliance.

About InfinityPad

InfinityPad is world’s first deflationary launchpad that is Chain-agnostic, Decentralized and Community-Owned. It is the next level launchpad to help raise capital across multiple blockchains on a single platform in a fully transparent and decentralized way by connecting projects and communities.

Highlights of $INFP

  • Powered by and built on rapidly growing ecosystem Binance Smart Chain.
  • Cross-chain fundraising pool, users can participate in tokens from different chains.
  • Guaranteed Time-Weighted Allocation.
  • Deflationary Mechanism: 1% per transaction and 2% per IDO
  • Tri-Pool Mechanism For a Stable, Structured, and Fair IDO.

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InfinityPad is a next level launchpad to help raise capital across multiple blockchains on a single platform in a fully transparent and decentralized way