InfinityPad (INFP) IDO Tiers

First of all, thank you everyone for the massive and overwhelming respond we got for our Presale event. This goes to show how strong $INFP community is and that’s what we want to continue building.

We launched on Pancakeswap on 24th October. A few good things since launch:

  • $INFP made an ATH at $0.20 which is 20x from our private sale, approx. 14 times from presale and 9x from our public sale price.
  • $INFP’s first 24-hour volume was over $10m
  • $INFP price seems to have stabilized around $0.10 now
  • $INFP liquidity was locked on Unicrypt for 365 days, and its value at the time of launch was over $700K.

Today, we’re excited to announce the InfinityPad’s tier system for the its IDO launchpad. The InfinityPad Launchpad tier system is a two-way system that gives every $INFP true believe in every tier level either a guaranteed allocation or a lottery-based allocation.

This covers both sides of the system and is the most comprehensive allocation system in the market. Becoming a part of the $INFP ecosystem is simple due to our straightforward tiering system. The system is designed to incentivize and reward all token holders in a way that is inclusive and that has a low entry barrier. We believe it is the fair distribution for all participants.

A few points to be aware of regarding the tiers:

  • This is our first version of the tier system and it may change depending on market conditions and most importantly based on $INFP community’s feedback.
  • Since there is no staking enabled at this time, so all tiers are exempted from staking requirements until further notice.
  • Please note that once staking is live, time-weight will kick-in and each holder will have a time factor weightage.
  • Any unclaimed allocation will overflow from the top to the bottom tiers i.e., if for any reason a higher tier doesn’t get sold within a certain period, it’s allocation will be shifted to the next tier participants.

After our in-depth research and discussions, we decided to adopt a five-tier system to allow anyone to participate in IDO who is either meets a minimum token requirement or is part of $INFP community.

Below are the 5 tiers:

Tier 1 — Earth, Tier 2 -Moon, Tier 3 -Solar, Tier 4 -Galaxy, Tier 5 -Infinity.

Participants will then be categorized into tiers based on the number of $INFP tokens staked, which will give allocations according below tier structure:

Key takeaways from the above table:

  • Every tier is guaranteed to have allocation either via guaranteed allocation or lottery system.
  • We specifically designed the tiers to benefit the entire InfinityPad ecosystem so that all $INFP holders as well as its community can benefit from IDOs launched on our platform.
  • Tiers were designed to be inclusive to all investors, big and small, with a low barrier to enter into the Moon and Solar tiers.
  • Large holders are incentivized to stake into the upper tiers yielding higher allocation opportunities, stable APY and creating less price volatility for all $INFP holders.

Example Token Breakdown for an IDO on InfinityPad

Let’s imagine an example project called XYZ Token is carrying out IDO on InfinityPad Launchpad. For simplicity, let’s say it is selling 1,000,000 tokens at $1 each. By the IDO launch date, there are:

  • 100 Earth tier members (after lottery)
  • 200 Moon members (after lottery)
  • 150 Solar members (after lottery)
  • 120 Galaxy members
  • 80 Infinity members
  • 50 Top holders

Then how do we proceed to allocate tokens among tiers and users?

Let’s first divide by allocation pool size aka how many tokens per tier.

Total allocation: 1,000,000 tokens

Earth Tier: (5*1000000)/100 = 50,000 tokens

Moon Tier: (15*1000000)/100 = 150,000 tokens

Solar Tier: (20*1000000)/100 = 200,000 tokens

Galaxy Tier: (20*1000000)/100 = 200,000 tokens

Infinity Tier: (20*1000000)/100 = 200,000 tokens

Top 50 holder: (20*1000000)/100 = 200,000 tokens

Finally, let’s see how many tokens are allocated to one wallet in each tier?

Earth Tier: 50,000/100 = 500 tokens per wallet

Moon Tier: 150,000/200 = 750 tokens per wallet

Solar Tier: 200,000/150 = 1333 tokens per wallet

Galaxy Tier: 200,000/120 = 1666 tokens per wallet

Infinity Tier: 200,000/80 = 2500 tokens per wallet

Top 50 holder: 200,000/50 = 4,000 tokens per wallet

Now what happens if a tier’s allocation is not sold out?

Any unsold allocation will overflow to the next tier. For example, any unsold tokens will move to Infinity tier participants.

But what if there are still unsold tokens?

If there are unsold tokens, we will open the FCFS Tier. In the early stages, everyone can participate in this round. The minimum and maximum allocation will be set and announced an hour before the FCFS token sale. Users will have 1 hour to buy the unsold tokens.

We will be collecting both data and feedback on the IDO structure in order to optimize the system over time as well as taking into consideration community feedback.

Our tier system is a predictable and provably fair system giving our users the proper incentives to accumulate and hold tokens and support each and every project launched. Over time, we will tweak it, add new tiers, include time-weight and change other parameters as necessary to keep the system functional, competitive and rewarding for all community members.

Infinitypad ($INFP) official community



InfinityPad is a next level launchpad to help raise capital across multiple blockchains on a single platform in a fully transparent and decentralized way

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InfinityPad is a next level launchpad to help raise capital across multiple blockchains on a single platform in a fully transparent and decentralized way